The Free Foundation leverages on three technological trends very present in these days :
- the free software and open source movements, which have shown that a large number of people can contribute, in an effective manner, in building a large piece of software, in the spirit of non-profit,
- the autonomous software researches in science and art, that point to the fact that decision-making machines already exist in real life,
- the peer-to-peer and grid-computing realizations, that show us that distributed computing actually works.

It is also based on three beliefs that are deeply rooted in me :
- capitalism and especially global ultraliberalism, which are based on the idea that money is the ultimate value, is an enemy to the human being,
- power makes a man the enemy of man,
- big enterprises are becoming more and more inhuman entities built and served by humans.


August 1998
during a retreat in Italy, the idea of the Free Foundation emerges. A draft is written down and submitted to various specialists of all fields. Decision is made to wait for a good context to make it public.

March 2000
the freefoundation.org name is reserved for future use.

August 2002
the economical and political context revives the idea of the free foundation. Decision is made to make the idea public. Specifications are written, a web site is put up.