An potential rough workplan to the realization of the Free Foundation could be :

Think Tank
Setting up of a think tank to tackle the outstanding issues, of legal, technological and structural nature. These issues include :
- legal nature of the Enterprise (contracts, bank accounts, country…)
- definition of the distributed structure, both in terms of implementation and of functionning
- definition of the autostructuring and autoadaptative framework
- definition of the decision making and risk management system
- Endless software structure : programming langages, plateforms, structure, dates, currencies…

Structural and technological framework
Setting up of a structural framework for Open Source management of the Enterprise.
Setting up of the technological background for the Enterprise, including a distributed operating system for grid and collaborative computing, and a framework for decision making algorithms.
Booststrap and virtual functionning of a prototype, without real life actions.

Legal structures
Setting up of a non profit legal structure for the Foundation part of the Free Foundation. Setting up of its internal structure and functionning.
Setting up of the legal structure for the Enterprise.
Setting up of bank accounts.

Test run under human supervision
Real life actions of the Enterprise, but under human supervision.

Launch of the Enterprise and the Foundation without human supervision.